Ship Repair & Rebuild Services

Skilled and Efficient Workforce

All the individuals involved in ship repairs have had key positions in technical departments of shipping companies. NMTPL ship repair team can support any spare parts that have been bought through NMTPL. Our skilled team can work under tight time schedules with guaranteed performance as our main goal is to provide high-quality and cost-efficient services.

With our experienced team of professionals, we are able to offer all kinds of damage repairs. Whether the damage has been caused by collision, regualar wear and tear, machinery failure, fire or the malfunctioning of stern gear.

Steel Fabrication

We are able to carry out repairs for hull and deck plates, under deck stiffening, ballast tanks and hatches.

Piping System Repairs

We specialise in repair and renewal of all types of piping systems onboard.

Hydraulic Systems

We provided complete repair and servicing for all hydraulic systems onboard including repair of damaged hydraulic cylinders.


We provide specialised consultancy services for all kinds of marine electrical equipments and cabling, including repair and renewal.


Overhauling of main engine and gensets; Reconditioning of bearing cylinder heads, Piston crowns, Exhaust valves. Repairing of all auxiliary machineries and equipments.

Lifting Gear

We have extensive experience in repairing of cranes, davits and all other lifting appliances.

Stern Gear

We offer repair and refit services concerning entire stern gear: repair and maintenance as well as propeller polishing.

Mr. Hetalkumar Shah


It is our mission to help our customers via our worldwide network of marine partners and provide best quality service to our customers at their door.

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